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Dominican Republic vs The Netherlands

FIVBGrandPrix 2017-07-07 - 11:30


Dominican Republic211921061
The Netherlands252525375

Dominican Republic

# Player Position LineUP Sets PTS Kills Serve Block
1Annerys VargasMB■■■37313
4Marianne FersolaMB 00000
5Brenda CastilloL 00000
6Camil DominguezS 00000
7Niverka Marte 11S■■■03201
11Jeoselyna Rodriguez 7OP 00000
14Prisilla RiveraWS 00000
16Yonkaira PeñaWS 00000
17Gina MambruOP■■■0101000
18Bethania De la CruzWS■■■010802
20Brayelin MartinezWS■■■09900
21Jineiry MartinezMB■■■09801
 Total  3484017

The Netherlands

Position LineUP Sets PTS Kills Serve Block