The last weekend the dominicans obtained some victories with their clubs in the most famous european leagues.

In Italy, The Club of Candida Arias, Scandicci defeat 3-0 at Club Italia. Arias will be avaiable to the next game of her club. Other Dominicans played in the italian league, Brayelin Martinez and Gina Mambru had a rest journey.

Niverka Marte and Jinery Martinez obatin a victory with their club, Le Cannet in France. They won 3-2 in this dramatic game, Terville Florange was the oponent of the their club.

Chemic Police defeat 3-0 at Lods in the Polish League, Yonkaira Pena played in the winner team. Brenda Castillo and VC Locomotive defeated 3-2 Azeryol in the Azery league.