#PlatanoPower Dominicans won with their clubs in Europe

The last weekend the dominicans obtained some victories with their clubs in the most famous european leagues.

In Italy, The Club of Candida Arias, Scandicci defeat 3-0 at Club Italia. Arias will be avaiable to the next game of her club. Other Dominicans played in the italian league, Brayelin Martinez and Gina Mambru had a rest journey.

Niverka Marte and Jinery Martinez obatin a victory with their club, Le Cannet in France. They won 3-2 in this dramatic game, Terville Florange was the oponent of the their club.

Chemic Police defeat 3-0 at Lods in the Polish League, Yonkaira Pena played in the winner team. Brenda Castillo and VC Locomotive defeated 3-2 Azeryol in the Azery league.