The ‘heirs’ did it: the beat the European champion in straight sets and are in the final. In a balanced match, our girls overcame Russia 3-0 (25-17, 28-26, 25-21)

In the first set, Natalia Martinez (16) was the leader of our team: worked against the russian blocks; the team worked as a machine and did not take too much to win. In the next set, Madeleine Guillén appeared and lead our team on the ‘one on one ‘ in the set´s last points. A Russian mistake closed it. Win the advantage in our favor, the team distributed a balanced attack and also work in defense. Madeleine Guillén´s block (19), got us in the final.

Overall, the departments were tight against the Russian powerhouse: attacking (37-29); blocking (4-10); y serving (4-10). The 27 Russian mistakes were crucial in our victory. Tomorrow, we will face Italy for the glory. ¡Let´s go, quisqueyanas!