The journey was not easy, but we made it. The ‘quisqueyanas’ have improved, and by far, the last performance compared to the 2015 World Championship. Our team´s evolution is incredible and today, against all the Argentinian fans who supported the host, the ‘heirs’ swept the off  3-0 (25-21, 25-17, 25-18).

The first set was tight, both teams displayed good technical and tactical skills that made this match very interesting. In the next set, Feliz retook her confidence and lead the team to win with advantage. In the final set, we kept maintaining the advantage, but the Argentinian showed all they got. In the end, thanks to the steady performance of Madeleine Guillén, we were able to close the match. By the opponent team, Sofia Meinardi (12) and Angeles Ligorria (8) were the top scorers.

In general terms, our team was superior in all the departments: spiking (31-28), blocking (7-4), and serving (8-5). Tomorrow, we will face the Russian powerhouse in order get the ticket to the final. ¡Let´s go, heirs!